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The Earthquake Safety Implementation Program (ESIP) is a thirty year plan to implement the recommendations of the CAPSS study, completed in 2010. ESIP began in late 2011 under the City Administrator’s office and continues on today to make San Francisco a more prepared, safer, and resilient city.

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The Earthquake Safety Implementation Program Table, Earthquake Retrofit Fair

The program outlines a 30-year program of 50 tasks based on the extensive CAPSS analysis and recommendations. Because of the likelihood of an earthquake in the near future, the plan begins with a major effort to address our most severe problem, the likely failure of many of San Francisco’s larger soft-story apartment buildings. Many other plan elements are currently underway or already completed, including a study into the earthquake safety of the City’s private schools, passing administrative bulletins (found on this page) to set standards for repair and retrofit after an earthquake, aiding in the passing of the Community Safety Element (found on this page), and many other tasks. Please take a moment to review the timetable below.


Earthquake safety 30 year plan image

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Many of these tasks will take many decades to complete, some just a few months, but all with community support, ranging from the technical community who provides the ESIP team with solutions to some of the City’s most difficult problems to community members providing the City guidance on the day-to-day work of neighborhood-level resilience efforts like the neighborhood support center.

The Earthquake Safety Implementation Program RFP

RFP Number 2013-006

The Earthquake Safety Implementation Program initiated an RFP process. This process has been completed. 

Notice of Intent to Award Contract for RFP 2013-006 for Seismic Safety Consulting Services (Update. November 22, 2013)

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