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August 23, 2012

JUS.T.I.S. Governance Council Meeting
August 23, 2012 Minutes

Start of Meeting: 09:36 a.m.

Departments Present: Adult Probation, District Attorney, Sheriff, Police, Public Defender, Superior Court, Juvenile Probation, Department on Status of Women (DOSW), City Administrator’s Office, Mayor’s Office
Absent: Emergency Management Department, Department of Technology

Minutes from Prior Meetings – Approved minutes from meeting held on July 26, 2012.

From Executive Sponsor’s Update:

Provided status on current MOU’s being drafted:
a) For Operations Support of Public Defender’s Case Management System
b) For Operations Support of District Attorney’s Case Management System
c) For Operations Support of Adult Probation’s hosted application inside JUSTIS
d) For Operations Support of Quality of Life project
e) Revised Operations Support for Sheriff’s Jail Management System

Informed the Council on the JUSTIS-related items included in a recent Civil Grand Jury report and informed the Council about upcoming meetings scheduled with the Mayor’s Office and COIT.

Reminded departments that the information in their respective status reports was going to be shared at upcoming public meetings and indicated that any department wanting to update their report had a short window of opportunity in which to do so.

From the Technical Steering Committee’s Update:

Our JUSTIS team has started to build reports for the Domestic Violence Reporting Portal using data currently available to us.

The JUSTIS team continued working with the Public Defender to get that department’s Case Management System connected to the JUSTIS Hub.

Work on the Court’s Hub connection has been delayed while the Courts finalize their data requirements.

We are working with the District Attorney as they test the version of their Case Management System that has been migrated onto the JUSTIS environment at 200 Paul Street. We are also scheduled to begin discussions with the District Attorney to upgrade their hub connection to JUSTIS so that the flow of data will be bi-directional and transaction-based.

The JUSTIS team also met with Adult Probation’s Case Management vendor to discuss the requirements needed to connect them to the JUSTIS hub.

From Case Management System Updates:

Hub Activity/Server Project:

In addition to installing the Oracle Business Intelligence software that will be used to create our Domestic Violence (DV) reports, the staff has been working to identify and capture the data that will be used on the initial reports.

The team has been working on implementing the “notification” component of the Hub. The initial notification messages will be sent to Sheriff and Adult Probation staff whenever probationers are processed at the booking counter.

The team is also working with the Public Defender on the final tasks that will allow us to connect the Public Defender to the JUSTIS Hub.

JUSTIS has also been working with consultants on rebuilding our Citrix environment and identifying our backup strategy.

Data Portal for Status of Women:

The software product that will be used to create the DV reports has been installed onto the JUSTIS environment. JUSTIS staff members are being trained to use the software.

Departmental access to the data portal that will house the reports for the Department on the Status of Women has been established.

A consultant is now working with staff to create sample reports.

Juvenile Probation:

Juvenile Probation indicated that they had no items to report this month.

District Attorney:

The Department reported that they are beginning to use their Subpoena module. This module will support their departmental goal of paper reduction.

They have scheduled a kickoff meeting with the JUSTIS team to establish bi-directional message sharing between their case management system and JUSTIS.

The DA has also initiated user group meetings within the department to identify future enhancements and efficiencies with their case management system.

Public Defender:

The Public Defender have competed their review of their MOU’s with JUSTIS. They are also finalizing the identification of data to be imported into their case management system,


The Police expect to be loading CopLogic reports into the Crime Data Warehouse (CDW) around Labor Day.


The Sheriff indicated that they had nothing new to report, but the JUSTIS team thanked the department for providing a tour of the jail to our newly hired staff members. Seeing how the Jail Management system was actually being used by the department was particularly beneficial to the team.

Adult Probation:

The Department reported that the vendor for their Case Management system is going to be sub-contracting their “JUSTIS interface” development to a third party. The JUSTIS team has met with the third party vendor to discuss the necessary requirements for that activity.

Superior Court:

The Courts reported that were rebuilding their data structure with additional fields.

Quality of Life Project:

The project is technically production-ready. The programming has been completed, and the extraction of data has been automated.

New Business:

There were no new business items.

End of Meeting: 10:31 a.m.

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